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Calendar of Events:



  • Thu, 08-Jan - Mid Ohio Growers Conference, "Growing & Using Greens Year Round"
  • Sat, 07-Feb, 1:00-2:30 - Wholesome Valley Farm, "Papermaking"
  • Tue, 17-Feb, 6:00 - Local Roots Wooster, "The Benefits of Bone Broth"
  • Sat, 28-Feb, 9:00-3:00 - Small Farm Solutions, Kidron, Brochure
  • Mon, 07-Mar, 10:00-12:00 - Wholesome Valley Farm, "Cheesemaking"
  • Sat, 25-Apr, 10:00 - The Wilderness Center, Wilmot, "Medicinal Herbs in the Yard"
  • Wed, 29-Apr, 11:00 - Wadsworth Preschool, "Herbs & Edible Flowers
  • Mon, 29-Jun, 2:00 - Maple Terrace, Orville, "Nostalgic Flowers"
  • Wed, 14-Oct, - Fermentation Class, Lehmans, Kidron
  • Sat, 21-Oct, - Fermentation Class, Lehmans Warehouse, Dalton
  • Sat, 23-Oct, - Organic Farm Conference, Mt Hope
  • Sat, 14-Nov, - "Preserving for Maximum Nutrition", Lehmans, Kidron

2015 Demos at Lehmans Store in Kidron

  • Thursdays & occasional Saturdays, April thru November 2015, 10:00-2:00


We enjoy sharing what we are learning with others. Listed are several programs I have presented for garden clubs, church groups, schools, library programs, etc. The months listed are peak times for bringing beautiful samples.

  • The Delights of Eating with the Seasons
  • Eating Local around the Calendar
  • Gourmet Salad Gardening (April-June, Sept-Oct)
  • Heirloom veggies (Aug/Sept)
  • Beautiful Things from the Garden
  • Edible Flowers (May-Oct)
  • Edible Weeds (May-Oct)
  • Flower Crafts - hollyhock dolls, daisy chains, cornhusk dolls and more

The charge for conferences starts at $200 plus expenses. Local small groups starting at $50.

Hands on Seminars

You choose a topic, invite friends to your home, and I will share input and demonstrations plus give out handouts, tasters, etc. Seminars are 1-1/2 to 2 hours and the cost is $10-15/person depending on topic. This is a great alternative to a Tupperware or candle party and everyone still has a chance to fellowship plus go home with new skills to try.

  • Cold Frame seminar (Aug/Sept)
  • Home Dairy - making butter, yogurt and soft cheese
  • Basic Cheesemaking - soft cheese varieties plus a simple hard cheese
  • Growing and Cooking with Herbs - easy basics for busy cooks
  • Growing Heirloom Vegetables and Seed Saving
  • Growing and Arranging Cut Flowers - ideas for varieties, planting schedules and vases
  • Using Nourishing Traditions cookbook - ideas on lacto-fermentation, soaking grains, etc
  • Making sauerkraut and other lacto-fermented vegetables
  • Papermaking - a great recycled craft, participants design 2 handmade cards to take home
  • Growing and using medicinal herbs (May-Oct)
  • Wild Herb Walks (Jun-Oct)

To schedule an event, contact Karen at 330 857-1995 or email me.

Lehman's Demo

Demo at Lehman's

Paper Making

Paper Making