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Our Story

Last updated: 22-Jan-11 16:35

We are the sixth generation to farm the family homestead that was settled by our Swiss ancestors in 1822. The 78-1/2 acres is primarily in pasture for our growing herd of grass fed Hereford beef cattle. Also sharing the lush grass are pastured broilers, free range laying hens, a handful of sheep and several Jersey cows. Veggies, herbs, flowers, sugar cane, fruits and berries are cultivated on about two acres. We take our task of being caretakers for God's Creation seriously and try to care for our land using sustainable practices. No toxic chemicals are used in our farming and we utilize cover crops, composted manure, mulches, sea minerals and more to maintain fertility and produce nutritionally dense food. Experimentation with farming methods and plant varieties, especially heirloom types, is something we delight in and we also want to encourage others in their backyard gardening/farming adventures.

Some future dreams for our farm life include adding Guinea Fowl, Indian Runner Ducks, and giving Olin more time to "invent" (alternative energy ideas) and building an energy efficient home that can operate off-grid with interior features salvaged from older farm buildings.

Our family Jersey cow, Belle

Belle, our family Jersey